Letter: Make plans to replace Rep. Katko

Letter: Make plans to replace Rep. Katko


Over the past year it has become increasingly clear that Rep. John Katko does not represent the people of central New York. He is unresponsive to the people of the 24th District — turning down requests to meet us face-to-face in open town hall meetings and limiting constituent access to his well-guarded office.

John Katko’s most recent vote on the tax plan is further evidence of this dismissal of his constituents’ voices. Without soliciting public input and despite the thousands of calls to his office opposing it, he voted for this horrible plan that gives vast cuts to corporations and the very wealthy and explodes our deficit, thereby “justifying” cuts to so many of the programs we rely on here in CNY and across the country.

We need a change — and luckily, we have a superior candidate prepared to take the responsibility to lead — Dana Balter. Dana’s life and experience are a testament to her values. She has been an advocate for people with disabilities, a professor of democracy and citizenship at the Maxwell School, and a citizen with the courage to act in support of our community. In Dana, the people of CNY will have a representative who is smart, ethical, courageous and well versed in policy and the legislative process.

Dana’s values and priorities stand in stark contrast to those of John Katko — on health care, on the economy and on the environment. While John Katko voted to eliminate the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, Dana is a passionate advocate for health care for all. While he voted to open the Alaska Wildlife Refuge to drilling, and allow mining waste into our rivers and streams, Dana will protect our environment through a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. While he voted to rely on trickle-down economics, Dana knows that we have all of the technology and talent here to become a leader in building a thriving green economy.

The people of the 24th District know who will best represent them and I am confident that Dana Balter is that person. I urge the people of CNY to learn more about her and support her to replace John Katko as our member of Congress.

Donna M. Oppedisano



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