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I am supporting John Mannion for New York state Senate because he will be a champion for the New York Health Act which will be life-saving for my patients and businesses. Health costs are crushing businesses, which spend $2 billion each year simply selecting health care plans for employees (

John's opponent has no health care plan except the wonders of the marketplace. This has never worked for health care. The most efficient form of health care financing is traditional Medicare's 2-percent administrative costs as reported by the Medicare trustees every year in both Republican and Democrat administrations.

Even right-leaning organizations predict trillions in savings with Medicare for All models, though they vastly underestimate savings (! Mercatus released one last month. With the Milliman index predicting average health care costs for a family of four being $28,000/year, we need a new strategy (

Overall health care spending actually decreases even when you cover everyone according to libertarian Mercatus model. So instead of sending your private insurance company money, paying for bureaucracy and their efforts to deny you care for higher profits, you simply pay your taxes with this model. There would be no further costs for health care, taking away the risk of medical bankruptcy. All those living in New York would then be covered for less overall spending. This would free employees from job lock — keeping jobs that are miserable because of benefits. Businesses would be freed from the escalating costs of health care, with small businesses paying far less than current rates. Imagine having all your customers and employees covered so they could focus on buying what they actually need.

John's opponent simply likes to continuously say he will raise taxes. Of course, we know that it's Republican tax cuts for billionaires and corporations followed by cuts to services like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that will raise working class costs. If we rely on his opponent's free market philosophy what shape will we be in when the next market crash happens?

John Mannion isn't confused about what is best for central New Yorkers: universal health care to protect our businesses and citizens.

Dr. Sunny Aslam


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