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It is incredibly frustrating to an ordinary citizen that the majority leader of the United States Senate adamantly refuses even to allow the shutdown-ending House compromise bill — the same as was passed unanimously in the Senate before Christmas — come to a vote! Mitch McConnell has Donald Trump's back and no one else's — certainly NOT the American people's. The press and the public must find ways to pressure McConnell into actually using the available constitutional processes to end the partial shutdown and stop wasting (wasting, wasting!) taxpayer money and time. It matters not to him that the taxpayers will be on the hook for all the back-pay accumulated by federal employees who are not being allowed to actually do their work, to say nothing of the extra monies that will be needed to clean up the various messes created during this ridiculous shutdown . The current situation is inexcusable — as McConnell would undoubtedly be repeatedly ranting were the shoes of power on other feet. Furloughed workers and frustrated citizens should be marching on Mitch McConnell!

Paula Conan


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