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It’s a crying shame that one simple truth throughout the world, if taught to everyone at a very young age going all the way back to the beginning of Christianity would indubitably have made for a safer, kinder, fairer and friendlier world. What that truth is, is that the real reason for our creation is to be givers, not takers. But quite frankly most people in the world especially in the good ol' U.S.A. believe in the opposite.

As far as taking goes there is nothing worse than taking lives of others. All these senseless mass killings worldwide is an absolutely insane happening. It’s a perfect example of people having no clue as to the purpose of their creation. But, then again it is obviously something no one cares to embed in their brains. Ignorance is no excuse to act in maniacal ways. Take the time people to get your heads on straight and your brains working. We weren’t created to be imbecilic fools making up our own rules and agendas and forsaking that of our Creator. Yes, even those who worship Allah and Buddha, Gods not of Christianity, even their Gods don’t condone killing others, or even being unfair to them. So it’s pretty much universal to follow the Way, the Truth and the Light peacefully. Too bad most choose to follow their own foolish, evil, unfair and selfish ways and completely overlook, or don’t understand or don’t want to understand that their ways are not that of the Creator.

Look, people of the world, it’s time to man-up (woman-up) look in the mirror and say “I need my head right, so my brain needs a good (massive) makeover. I’m not making for a better world. I’m being a big contributor to a bad one. Who am I really, to say no to anything me Creator expects from me?” You only live once and you might want to make the best of it by realizing you really need your brother’s keeper, not taker.

Oh, the solution to a better world is so simple. It would work best if at a young age everyone in the world would know the Way, the Truth and the Light and needs to be followed and it gets started by interacting upon our fellow man for the good for the good of our fellow man by everyone not just some. And it needs to be done fairly, charitably, kindly and lovingly.

And it’s not something not to be taken seriously.

Murray Lynch​


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