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One of the main news stories that I can still remember from youth is the Columbine school shooting. The nation was shocked, not just because of the degree of the tragedy, but because it was something quite new to us in America. Now as we hear about the Florida shooting at the Parkland school, we are in a new era where mass shootings are becoming a normal event in the national news.

As could be expected, the leaders that would encroach on individual freedom claim that the cause was the gun, and that the solution is to limit the availability of guns. The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, said that the solution was the enforcement of current gun laws. This would not have prevented the current tragedy because the gun was bought legally. President Trump laid the cause and solution on mental illness. The solution many would use for this is psychotropic drugs. This would not help in this case because the young killer was taking mind-altering prescription drugs like a number of other mass shooters.

The solution can be found by looking into the past. There are memories by people of older generations of when many of the boys would bring their guns with them to school so they could go hunting after school, yet school shootings were not a concern like they are today with "gun free zones." The guns didn't change, but rather the people have changed. To regulate guns because of an abuse would be like regulating spoons because people eat too much. The solution is spiritual because it is a spiritual problem. The solution can be found in having the blessing of God by welcoming God in the schools and our everyday lives. We cannot have amoral schools without expecting chaos. When prayer and Bible readings were common in the schools the major problems were talking out of turn and chewing gum. The solution remains the same.

Ronald Woodburn Jr.