The leadership of the town of Moravia has actively campaigned to not only reduce but eliminate funding into youth recreation programs; the decision was made under what could be consider false pretenses of a financial deficit. It has since been brought to light that the program actually has a reserve fund with an approximate $4,000 balance in it. That initial decision was overturned last fall as a result of an online and public outpouring of support to keep the summer recreation programs.

Since that time the leadership who has expressed their desire not to manage the youth recreation program has stepped in and made untenable and unreasonable demands, requests and authoritarian dictates about how the program will be run as they are being forced to do so this year. The leadership of the town has squashed all efforts of support offered by the community-formed not-for-profit that was established to fundraise for the program, including the offer to manage online registrations. The leadership of the town has established a proposed process as complicated and restrictive as possible, in the attempt to have the program wither in a way that they can claim is organic.

What happens when a community makes a contentious choice to stop investing in the health, wellness and future of their youth? Look into the future Moravia. If we stop investing in the youth today where will they be in just a short 10, 15 or 20 years?

We are in a situation where the leadership of our town has shown a true disservice to their community and the future of this community. We are poised on the precipice of creating a community and culture in which those who struggle economically have an insurmountable divide to cross, as that demographic of our population is set to experience the most adverse effects from the complications and costs that have been set in place to end the Summer Recreation Program by our town. This is a deplorable situation to be in, we as a community should be actively working to create more opportunities, more growth and more positive social impact and our leadership should be at the helm of those initiatives. This is a true crisis situation and the impacts if changes are not made will felt for many years to come.

Erica Heim


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