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Truth staggers and falls, bleeding in the street. A foul-smelling fog creeps in from the pungent and decaying swamp. A venomous viper has slithered into our basement and is hatching eggs beneath our nursery. No amount of verbiage or imagery is adequate to decry what our legislators and governor have done in passing The Reproductive Health Act. It staggers the mind and soul to think that we in America have degenerated to this degree. One small step for New York but one giant leap for barbarity. This devaluing of human life reeks to the high heavens and I am certain Heaven takes notice! Raucous applause should be replaced with moaning and mourning. Repentance and return to decency, civility and morality is the order of the day! In Lincoln's first inaugural address reflecting his desire to reconcile a fastly fragmenting nation, he appealed to "the better angels of our nature" to prevent possible bloodshed. May we, under God, allow common sense, "our better angels," and love for those born and unborn to prevail. Let us pray for and work for the repeal of this dastardly Reproductive Health Act!

Wayne Hampton


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