Doesn't New York state make enough money from their lottery ticket sales and their many other tax charges? How about, New York state, you do away with the cursed sales tax? The 8% has always been ridiculously high; 2% would be been more like it. A $30,000 price for a vehicle amounts to $2,400 sales tax. Now that's highway robbery. Talk about easy money for the state.

Yeah, and while talking about easy money, there's that license and registration fee on the high side, and add to that vehicle title that's way too high. Add to that New York state law enforcement fee. It's a wonder anyone can afford to live in New York state.

Seems the only ones who can afford to live here are vehicle insurers. As a matter of fact, with the exorbitant prices they charge (even to good drivers), they're really living it up, profit-wise.

Ever since New York state passed the "no-fault law" (what a disgrace!), vehicle insurers' profits have skyrocketed. As if their profits aren't already exorbitantly high, they're still raising yearly rates. Some nerve they've got charging good drivers high rates. For what? Making them help pay for bad drivers.

Quite frankly, it seems way too many fall into the category of "bad drivers." Just driving on the Arterial at 30 mph will get you passed by almost every vehicle driving on it. And if they're not passing you, they're three inches off your bumper. Yeah, that's a real good, real smart driver in back. That's a driver that sooner or later is going to have an "accident." Accident my foot. Accidents should never happen. Accidents, 99% of the time, are caused by bad driving. All of these bad drivers continue their whole lives being bad drivers because they're always in a hurry. Yeah, in a hurry to put themselves or their victims in the hospital or in the morgue.

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Where is the law enforcement fee money going if these bad drivers are allowed to continue their reckless ways? Yeah, money going here; money going there. That's what it's all about. Good money not working.

What's with these ridiculous traffic lights that change in a blink of an eye from red to green? All traffic lights should never change that fast. That's an accident waiting to happen.

Murray Lynch


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