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Congratulations to the politicians in Albany responsible for enacting the “Reproductive Health Act." Shameful! This act is not reproductive; instead it’s non-reproductive to human life, where non-physicians can simply eliminate a baby being brought into the world by our Creator, who gave the woman that he formed, the chosen human being, that unique human gift to procreate life.

A person will place a seed in the soil and eventually that seed will emerge from the cocoon where it began to form and grow. As the plant forms to grow it becomes bigger. Now if the planter does not wish for the plant to grow anymore, he removes it, stopping the growth. That future plant produced from the seed dies.

The new law expands and empowers doctors, licensed nurse practitioners, physician assistants  and licensed midwives to simply stop the innocent babies to be welcomed with their sounds of cries into human existence; the world of generations formed before them.

I wonder if those politicians, from the top down, who were brought up in the Catholic faith, with a culture, who respected the elderly, the women who played a major role in their family and their children, have ever conscientiously thought about how if had their immigrant grandparents or parents taken similar evil actions, would they be alive today?

Life is so precious and fragile. Whatever illness a person incurs, their willingness, courage and faith will lead them to fight all obstacles and survive.  

Nationwide since 2000, a pill, Mifepristone, has been available. It is now used in about 40 percent of all abortions ending the existence of 260,000 innocent lives, deprived of entering our population legally with no one to defend them.

The Reproductive Health Act was approved by many who are mothers themselves who certainly felt the movements of the unborn. A future family generation they carried in their womb which once born, will begin their existence into the world made by our Creator.

All lives matter from the womb to the tomb.

Paolo Saltarello


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