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Please explain to me why the legislation of recreational marijuana benefits humanity and makes sense. It encourages dependency yet bewails its catastrophic results. It legalizes drugs for the general population and introduces it to the unsuspecting youth and at the same time teaches the perils of drugs in school. Is this not a mixed message and deceitful? Government greed opens up to the back alley drug dealers whose drugs can contain other deadly ingredients. How can government stop people from growing it on farms, homes and greenhouses? How will the government control that? How will that be monitored? A subtle form of slavery. The current New York state governor is willing to add another layer of bureaucracy to its already unbearable tax burden on its working class citizens who are the most vulnerable.

The general public has been lulled into a fake sense of paradise on Earth. Wake up. It will never happen. Impossible. We must beware that first step and accept life without becoming slaves to addiction. That is freedom. Beware.

Stand up with me and be counted.

Lucy Cacciotti


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