Dear Mrs. Van Wyk, before responding to your article, I'd like to first say that I hold "no ill will or animus" toward you of any sort and I am only responding back to your comments (which I laughed so hard that I fell off my chair) and am responding to your article with "all due respect." Are you a comedian?

First, Donald Trump and his entire family are nothing more than a pack of low-life parasites that have contributed absolutely zero to this nation. The Trump family entered into the USA in the late 1800s and since then, not even one Trump ever served in our nation's military, including Donald J. Trump and his six medical deferments for "bone spurs."

Secondly, Donald Trump has avoided business taxes for over 20 years and was subject to a housing discrimination complaint via a civil rights complaint. Since inheriting his $250 million from his father, he squandered most of same, and filed over six bankruptcies (terrible businessman) at the expense of the American taxpayers. He has openly made racially sparked remarks towards minorities and women. Many of the European nations look at Donald Trump as if he were a certified fruitcake dominated by Vladimir Putin!

Thirdly, it has been alleged that Donald Trump groped/sexually assaulted 22 women, supported an alleged child molester, slept with a porn actress and Playboy playmate (committing adultery), locked up immigrant men, women and children in concentration like cages, and separated children from their mothers, insulted half of the USA, incited violence at his rallies, has been a pathological liar, has openly commented in the past that he would walk into the dressing rooms of teenage girls while they were getting dressed during pageants (a pervert), is alleged to have falsified business records for obtaining loans (a felony), has refused to turn over his business and personal tax returns, has alienated many of our allies, and cannot put three sentences together to form a paragraph.

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Lastly, you mentioned that the Democrats should follow the example of Donald Trump. I beg to disagree, as we do not know even one Democrat that wants to be a parasite/pervert and sociopath like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is dangerous to this country in every way, shape and form.

Andres Villamarzo


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