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In regard to the Parkland shooting in Florida, it seems that every time a massacre occurs in the United States the N.R.A. flies into a panic. It is so ready to get on the offensive. It always seems about its rights, the Second Amendment. As the coward that it is, the N.R.A. hides behind it. It does not care one diddly squat about those high school students or others for that matter. All it thinks about is receiving money and using it to corrupt power and influence in Washington, which is the most evil capitol on the face of the earth. I am heartened however to see young people rallying for change and I hope it does not die out. If anything I hope it is just like the '60s and I am glad that companies are now cutting themselves off the N.R.A. and do not want anything more to do with the N.R.A. In fact the N.R.A. should have had their ears pinned back 50 years ago in 1968 when Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were gunned down. Another thing the N.R.A. whines about is its rights, but what about the rights of those 17 students?

William L. Hopkins


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