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I was very sad last week to see women cheering and kissing Gov. Cuomo on the cheek after he signed the bill legalizing late term abortion. Right up to the ninth month of pregnancy a baby that can live outside the womb can be aborted for a list of health reasons or if the baby has some kind of defect. Even though complications are more likely in a late term abortion, it can legally be done by a nurse practitioner or a midwife. There is no longer any protection for a baby that survives an abortion and is born alive. What is our country coming to? A lethal injection can be given to an innocent baby but there was a great outcry against giving lethal injections to murderers.

From the time of conception a new life starts to grow with DNA that is separate from its parents. The excuse for abortion is that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body. But it should be clear, especially after 20 weeks, that the little body that is growing and moving inside of her is separate from her body. People also say that a baby should be aborted to save a woman’s life. In a late term pregnancy, when would it ever help a woman to deliver a dead baby instead of a live baby?

Planned Parenthood, where a lot of abortions are done, was started by Margaret Sanger. She believed that black lives weren’t as valuable as white lives. The P.P. Clinics are usually built near minority neighborhoods. Who are we to decide who lives and who dies? Many people who were almost aborted have done great things.

I’m writing this letter because late term abortion shows such disrespect for the sacredness of human life, and I think this law needs to be repealed.

Virginia VanOstrand


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