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With the 24th climate summit done in Poland, it is interesting to know what is involved in the burning of one gallon of gasoline, such as most of our cars do, including my red Prius, no matter how efficiently it does this combustion.

Burning one gallon of gasoline, weighing less than water, that is less than eight pounds, produces 19.7 pounds of carbon dioxide, CO2.

Do you find it difficult to believe this basic formula? Well then, do as I did and check with your local chemistry teacher to work out the formula using the moles of atomic weight to give such a truthful equation of fact.

Facts, facts, facts — they are stubborn expressions of truth and I, myself, do enjoy presenting such truths to the friendly folk at the Auburn YMCA. At this place there are a few people who claim that they do not like SCIENCE, while they go on living their daily lives on planet Earth, and while depending on science and technology to support their lives and make them comfortable and able to sing and dance and enjoy the basic mystery of being alive. And here we are living with the fact that we are finishing up another trip about the sun with what we call Year 2018. It is almost done, done, done — done with this year with our riding on the surface of Earth, sometimes riding in our cars on this surface, with most of these autos burning gasoline.

David Kauber


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