Letter: Our democracy is now at stake

Letter: Our democracy is now at stake


Donald Trump's defense team did the bidding of not only Donald Trump but also that of GOP leaders who felt that they can only win by cheating. Cheating is the Republican party's stock and trade and their allegiance is not to the truth or fairness but to their own political futures. In the past they have unabashedly cheated by gerrymandering, suppressing likely Democratic votes, rigging the Supreme Court and now being complicit in Donald Trump's attempt to rig the 2020 election just as his team did in 2016. The Republicans in the Senate have cheated by denying our nation a real trial, one that included documents and witnesses. There have been 19 prior impeachment trials in the Senate (two were of presidents) but, until now, there has NEVER been one that did not include documents and witnesses. Trump has been found not guilty on both impeachment charges but he has not been vindicated or exonerated. The Republicans in the Senate rigged the trial while Trump continues to try and rig the 2020 election as there is nothing to stop an emboldened Trump and impeachment will forever be off the table. If a president cannot be impeached for what Trump attempted to do, no future president can ever be impeached.

Now that Trump has NOT been removed by the Senate there is only one guardrail left and that's the already rigged 2020 election. We know Russia will play a part in it. If Trump wins in 2020 the final guardrail designed to preserve democracy, democratic elections, will have been breached. In that event, the gutless Republicans in Congress and Alan Dershowitz will get their way and the power of the president will be supreme over all else. Congress will have been effectively nullified. Trump will be our king and our 215-year-old experiment in checks and balances and democracy will be over. Democracy will have been shot and killed by Trump not on Fifth Avenue but on Pennsylvania Avenue and, as Trump stated, his complicit followers simply will not care.

Thomas Hanley



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