The other night on CNN Don Lemon urged viewers to look up the "Dunning–Kruger Effect." I did so and the psychological effect described explains a lot regarding Mr. Trump’s behavior. The Dunning–Kruger Effect refers to a psychological condition in which people of low intellect believe that they are smarter and superior to all others. It states that poor performers are not in a position to recognize the shortcomings in their performance ... in other words, some people are so very dumb that they don't know just how dumb they are. Let's analyze Trump's behavior in regards to this condition.

Trump does not like to read and it has been apparent exactly why that is. He has a great deal of trouble doing so. Mr. Trump routinely makes errors as he reads words from the teleprompter like "future" which he read as "furniture." This type of thing has happened many times with a variety of simple words and he often repeats the word he got wrong and then the correct one. He refuses to read long intel briefings and any printed information has to be short and summarized with graphs and charts. He also cannot spell, uses improper grammar and often uses incorrect forms of a word. In a recent tweet that would make his buddy Putin proud, Comrade Trump attacked the heads of all our intelligence agencies whom he wrote "need to go back to school." Ironically, in that same Twitter storm (regarding Iran) he wrote, "There economy is now crashing" using "there" instead of "their" and called our intel chiefs "naïve." That gets us to his feeling of superiority which has NO justification based upon anything we have seen. He has claimed that "I know more about drones than anybody" and, incredibly, that he knows more than our generals ... regarding what, draft dodging? His feeling of superiority undoubtedly fuels his racism. When Trump says "Many people do not know this but ..." he really means HE didn't know it as with Lincoln being a Republican. When speaking at a Black History Month event it became apparent that he did not know that Booker T. Washington is dead. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a "moron" and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called Trump an "idiot.” So, along with being a pathological liar, mentally unbalanced, grossly immoral, and deeply corrupt our leader is also as dumb as a rock. Sleep tight.

Thomas Hanley


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