Letter: Partisan politics is ruining our nation

Letter: Partisan politics is ruining our nation


I've decided to be less serious in one of my letters to the editor and so I'm going to focus exclusively on the COVID-19 virus and the wearing of a mask!

I'm actually convinced that wearing a mask may have some benefit besides saving lives! (If you saw me you'd understand why I should have stopped eating so much long ago and there's now the benefit of my wearing one!)

However, there's been the benefit of not spending any money on gas, entertainment or even clothes ... and that's the savings I can put into the bank. (Even going into a bank with a mask on is something I never thought I'd ever see or do ... EVER!)

I've come to my own conclusion that those folks who believe in what the doctors/nurses/health aides, etc. are doing might be due to the fact they're a bit smarter than most of us! And, they do continue to keep telling us to wear them! (Maybe that's the reason why the majority of them are also surviving the epidemic.)

I'm noticing that those who don't wear them seem to be the same people who follow this country's "leader" who says he “doesn't need to wear one!” He no doubt believes that because he is the president and therefore, an exception to the rule, that God will protect him! And so those who follow his example also believe they too will be protected. (Followers often follow their leaders like sheep to the slaughter!)

And so, if we are to eradicate the blue as Republicans believe needs doing and likewise there's Democrats who likewise agree that there's also a need to eradicate the red — then all that's left on the American flag is fallen white stars on a field of black lines!

“Divided we stand and divided we fall!” was actually first recorded back to Aesop and his fables but it was Abraham Lincoln who made the quote famous!

Let's face it ... it's partisan politics that is dividing this country and NOT Republicans, and NOT Democrats, but our eagerness to blame all of our country's woes on one side or the other, depending on the side we choose.

Be smart and wear a mask ... for the sake of savings both sides ... and others too!

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore




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