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America is built on the myth of honesty. “I cannot tell a lie,” George Washington supposedly said, when called out about who chopped down the family cherry tree. There was also “Honest Abe” and arguably, Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president!

History tells us that among ALL the American presidencies, there existed half-truths, white lies and downright fabrications. Some of them were really good at lying, like Franklin Roosevelt (32nd) who was among the most admired presidents!

Others that topped the list include: James K. Polk (11th); Lyndon B. Johnson (36th); and George W. Bush (43rd).

The truth is, while we Americans profess to want honest leaders, what we really want are effective leaders, aware that sometimes it's alright to lie if something is to be accomplished!

Go to this website to read the lies of all the presidents:

As to President Trump ... apparently we've another liar to add to the list; however, it's apparent that he's already topped it!

According to a New York Times (9/3/17) article, “He has no respect or reverence for it (truth). For him, honesty is an option, one that he feels no compulsion to choose.” The article cites his continuing “bigotry, race-baiting, misogyny, corruption, bullying and vindictiveness.”

Indeed, it seems that every major publication has taken a stab at trying to chronicle and explain Trump’s lying. The Washington Post has “calculated that Trump made 492 false or misleading statements in his first 100 days.”

Maria Konnikova of Politico points out that “all presidents lie but Donald Trump is in a different category.” She continues, “Nixon, Reagan and Clinton were protecting their reputations; Trump seems to lie for the pure joy of it.”

The point of President Trump's speech Aug. 30 was to persuade the men and women in the Trump working-class base that “a tax cut for the wealthy would be good for them!” (It's the working-class who don't know how to do taxes; thus they are blind to the fact that only the rich will benefit!).

It is not only hard to imagine that any person could lie this much — let alone the leader of the free world — it is also impossible for those who are awake to "truth" ... to keep pace.

Mark Twain was right, “if someone says a lie enough times, it will be believed as the truth!”

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore