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Letter: Police treated like Nazi Germany Jews

Letter: Police treated like Nazi Germany Jews


I watched the attempted assassination of the two deputy sheriffs in LA with a feeling I can’t yet describe. Impending doom, perhaps? Two deputy sheriffs, who were sitting in their car, shot at point blank range was horrifying enough. What followed was inhuman and sickening. The spectators recording the slaughter chattered jubilantly as they watched the 31-year-old mother of a small child try to save her partner. It got worse from there. A group of “supporters” arrived at the hospital even before the ambulance did and proceeded to block the entrance and exit of the emergency room, while chanting “I hope they die."

The violence ruling the streets of America this summer brings to mind the streets of Germany in the 1930s. Nazis tightened their grip on the populace with fear. They united a silent citizenry by using the Jews as a scapegoat. As they gradually took away the rights and liberties (defunded?) of the Jews, the non-Jewish people turned a blind eye, just glad it wasn’t them. When the killing began, it was too late. The Nazis had all the power.

The police are those Jews of today. When the police are gone (and who in their right mind wants to be in law enforcement right now?), what stands between you and this uncontrolled violence?

A wise man once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.”

But what can I do, you may ask. We’ve got to watch out for the COVID! Screw the COVID. It has become a distraction to avoid what’s really happening in our country. COVID is an excuse to do nothing.

But what can I do? First, you can start talking about what is happening. Everyone I know seems to be afraid to talk about it. Silence is denial and I see massive denial everywhere. Take a verbal stand. Show some moral courage. What do you believe in?

Second, educate yourself. Examine all sources of information, not just the ones that confirm what you already think. The reasonable debate of issues is a benchmark of a healthy democracy. Our democracy is gravely ill. Diversity is important, including diversity of thought. Stop judging anyone who disagrees with you and listen.

It’s not enough to be woke. Wake up! Rochester is only a few exits down the Thruway.

Kathleen Graber


Jeremy Boyer can be reached at (315) 282-2231 or Follow him on Twitter @CitizenBoyer


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