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Ah yes, “The wonderful world of sports.” Ah yes, free agency, “tanking,” instant replay, or lack of it. That about sums up what present day pro sports are about. Take me back to the days of old when none of that were present. Back then just making to the Pro Bowl wasn’t all about money. It was about being a pro. Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson loved the game so much they probably would have played for nothing. Teams back then like the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees had mostly the same players year after year. In basketball the Syracuse Nats and the Boston Celtics likewise had the same players year after year. Many other teams also. Most sports fans knew mostly the roster of pro basketball and baseball teams. Today most fans couldn’t even name the starting lineup of four or five teams. Many sports fans like myself couldn’t name two or three players on most of today’s pro sports teams because of free agency.

In the days of old, there was no such thing as tanking and not really wanting to win so they’d be able because of a bad losing record for a high draft pick out of college, or dogging it. And in today’s pro sports world nobody does tanking better than the New York Knicks. How disgraceful to the sport and to the fans.

Oh yes, then there's instant replay, or lack of it. It usually comes into play about every 10 minutes. But in the Saints-Rams playoff it didn’t come into play on an obvious call (or non-call) by the refs costing the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. I mean come on, let’s use instant replay the most crucial play of the game and make the right call.

Oh yes, free agency, what a disgrace that’s turned out to be. Its original intent was that players be paid fairly. Now they’re being paid outrageously. Most of these overpaid present day athletes shouldn’t be getting 20 percent of what they’re being paid. Most of their stats are quite frankly atrocious. Match them up to Mays, Banks, Mantle, DiMaggio, Duke Snider, Warren Spahn or Bob Feller. These guys’ stats would make these present day grossly overpaid athletes look pathetic. Also present day athletes are always getting hurt and don’t play half the time and don’t deserve their greedy pay but are still guaranteed it. “What’s that you say Joe DiMaggio?”

Murray Lynch


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