Letter: Protests have been anything but peaceful

Letter: Protests have been anything but peaceful


I’m sure after this letter I’ll be called a racist but that’s fine because I know I’m not.

Wake up people if you think the so-called peaceful protests are just that because they’re not. Do black lives really matter when young black children are being killed by other black people who are supposedly peacefully protesting police brutality? Fathers day weekend, 100 shootings in Chicago black on black shootings that left some children dead but hey where’s Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson for that? Oh that’s right they only think black lives matter when a black person is shot by a white cop.

Look it up folks. In 2019 9 unarmed black people were shot and killed by on-duty cops, 19 unarmed white people were shot and killed by on-duty cops, and 50 cops were killed. How many protests were there for those 50 cops killed? Is burning buildings and looting and tearing down statues really a black lives matter peaceful protest? Hell, most of these idiots don’t even know anything about the statues they’re tearing down — and should we try and erase the past or learn from it?

If you really think doing away with law enforcement across this country is a good idea then you’re just as big of an idiot as the majority of these so-called peaceful protesters. Is there racism in this country? Yes, and unfortunately there probably always will be, but it’s a two-way street. And none of us were here 200 or 300 years ago and we can’t change the past, but we can learn from it, but not if people try to erase it.

Where’s our elected officials at all levels are they just going to stand by and watch our country be destroyed? Oh that’s right there’s nothing like a good protest or pandemic to show the true colors of politics. Again wake up people!

Andrew Dennison


Andrew Dennison is the Cayuga County Legislature representative for District 2.


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