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It’s a good thing most readers don’t get their world and national news from The Citizen since the Associated Press' half-page analysis of the recent tax law is a veil of misdirection, incoherence, and snide calumny. Could we please have some truth here?

Start with the most laughable. The law stops penalizing people who don’t buy insurance. The New York Times reports, “The $25,000 to $50,000 income group had the highest share of people paying the penalty in 2015.” AP imagines that removing this $700 fine “deprives” persons of health insurance. Uh, hello? They don’t have insurance now! They can still sign up for Obamacare subsidies if they want.

The AP’s story of cruelty toward the needy is built around taxes bouncing back to present levels in 2027. So Democrats want taxes to stay as they are, but if they go down now and back to where they now are in 10 years, that’s Armageddon? AP never mentions that the bounceback is because it was the only way to get the bill through arcane Senate rules. Had Democrats played ball, taxes could stay down for good.

AP bemoans taxpayers resorting to lawyers and accountants to get the best deal from the new law. What? They want to repeal human nature? Yes, the new law still has loopholes. It’s not pure. But then AP complains that companies can’t deduct the costs of their parking lots and bus passes. Well, do they want loopholes or don’t they?

AP never mentions that the standard deduction is doubled, causing most filers to avoid itemizing. They say nothing about the deficit. Oh, but we do hear that the NFL can still bilk citizens for stadiums. Note that this unhappy allowance was “initially scrapped” by Republicans. Maybe if some Democrats had actually participated, we could have kept it out.

But, no. As with the Democrats, so with the AP. It’s all about Trump. Actually, this law has little to do with him as he did not make substantive suggestions. Ironically, this is exactly what our White House Ego wants: everything to be about him. It’s shameful that AP peddles cartoonish distortion just to play his game.

Douglas Taylor-Weiss