John Katko, why do you and your Republican colleagues even bother to show up? Seriously. Why do we even have a Congress when Trump is given free rein to break any/every law?

Why aren't you "preserving, protecting, defending our Constitution?" These words are not clichés.

Trump disdains fundamental pillars of democracy — the press, judicial system, elections. Creates distrust in institutions like the CIA, FBI, law enforcement, military.

Trump's disregard for democracy, law, human decency is a frightening new normal.

A new normal only possible because YOU give Trump the power of authoritarian regimes/dictators.

This week, Trump demanded his term be extended for two more years.

Trump admires China's "president for life" system. Trump believes "Putin's doing a great job." Why aren't you outraged?

Trump undermines international democracies/freedoms. Why?

Putin wants US/world democracies in chaos ... then Putin won't be held responsible for murdering enemies, gassing Syrian children, annexing foreign territories.

Strong united world democracies working together put economic sanctions on Putin to make him behave.

That's why Trump is killing our democracy — to please Putin.

The founders of our country created the House so elected officials like yourself would stand up/guard against wanna-be dictators like Trump.

So why are you all playing partisanship?

Trump is toxic. But what is truly despicable/dishonest is that you elected Republicans enable his blatant disregard for our democratic system of government created by the Founders.

Madison wrote, “power is of an encroaching nature, and ought to be restrained. ... The greatest safeguard against a concentration of power in any one branch of government, was to create a CO-EQUAL branch which could be a check on the other."

Translation for John Katko: "Stand up to Trump's authoritarianism!"

People want honesty and integrity.

Since 2016, Trump has told 10,000 lies. We've seen declines in the rule of law, integrity of election process, safeguards against corruption. Hate crimes have increased.

In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million.

In 2018, Dems took the House.

In 2019, a recent poll predicted the top six Democratic candidates could beat Trump.

In 2020, EVERY House Republican is up for election, including yourself. So are 22 of 53 Republican senators and nine Republican governors.

If Trump continues lying, cheating, disregarding laws, flailing, creating chaos, the 2020 elections will prove just how big a mistake you Republican politicians made by not standing up to Trump.

Laurie Roberts


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