Trump thinks America is his own personal family-held company.

Completely in charge, Trump reports to no one, hires mostly family, follows no laws, believes he holds "absolute legal right" to do anything.

Ever notice how policy decisions advance Trump family business interests?

He is selling out our country for personal gain.

Trump put son-in-law Kushner in charge of our country's Middle East portfolio. Curious that Qatar paid off Kushner's $1.6 billion mortgage on 666 Fifth Ave.

John Katko, why do you encourage Trump to undermine the rule of law, election integrity, support dictators and undermine international democratic order?

Trump's America is no longer a democracy governed by the entire population.

You, John Katko, and Trump were elected to represent us.

You do not tell us what to do. We tell you. Continue to adore Trump and we will vote you out.

John Katko, are you proud of Trump's despicable behaviors, words, actions?

I am not.

I am ashamed of his pathological lying, bullying, manipulation, cheating, sick grandiose sense of self.

Trump knows no personal boundaries, is recklessly impulsive and dangerous. Caught in a lie, he blames others. He has no remorse, shame, or guilt. Nothing stands in his way. Melania said, "If someone hits him, he hits back ten-fold."

Trump is authoritarian, paranoid, an extreme narcissist. Trump abuses power. He uses the Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Republican Party to protect him. A coward, he uses nasty personal insults and threats to destroy anyone. Sociopathic, he has no empathy.

What to do?

Republicans: Please encourage potential Republican candidates to challenge Trump in a 2020 presidential primary. Candidates like former Gov. William Weld, Gov. John Kasich, Gov. Larry Hogan, or Senators Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski or former Senator Bob Corker, others.

There are many good, honest, intelligent, well-meaning, experienced Republican leaders who could return to the presidency decency, honor, respect, a desire to put country/citizens ahead of self and to restore our democratic and Republican core values.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Let us remember the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice."

Eric Holder added: "Well, it only bends toward justice because people pull it toward justice. Now is the time to advocate for the values that truly underlie this nation, for the traditions that make our country exceptional. We can do it."

America deserves better than Trump.

Laurie Roberts


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