I wish everyone knew what the United States of America flag means to this country!

I was 6 years old when World War II started to defend the world against Hitler’s war machine that defeated and killed thousands of European citizens. Four of my brothers fought overseas during the war, one brother was in frozen foxholes for 99 days in the Battle of the Bulge and another brother ended up in full body cast for six months with many skin grafts to his face and hands after being burnt in a barracks fire in Japan set by the enemy. Four hundred thousand brave American fighters died defending the United States of America flag.

During WWII this country’s citizens came together as one, working 24 hours a day to mass produce military planes, ships, tanks, guns and everything that our military needed to win the war and our freedom that we enjoy today.

Would we be here today if we lost World War II?

Our country must unite to keep this freedom. Stand with hand on heart when the national anthem is sung and our American flag is displayed! Remember: “United we stand, divided we fall!” God Bless America!

Dave Foster


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