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Here we go again ... another day, another Trump scandal. This time it's about Trump's lawyer paying off a prostitute to keep quiet about an alleged affair Trump had shortly after Melania gave birth. It's really hard to keep track as we are still in the midst of the Porter wife abuse scandal. You know, that's the scandal in which Rob Porter, a top aid to the president, was given security clearance although there is credible evidence that he battered two wives and a girlfriend. The one where the White House has concocted multiple stories (oops ... that could be any of them) ... it's the one where Donald Trump cannot force himself to denounce domestic violence.

In any case there is a much bigger scandal than either of these or, for that matter, all the others that came before them. The biggest scandal is the fact that Donald J. Trump refuses to acknowledge that Russia interfered with the election and refuses to take any action to keep Russia from interfering again. Security experts say he has, in fact, emboldened Russia and that the 2018 mid-term elections are in jeopardy. Pundits on CNN and MSNBC (you won't hear much about this on FOX "News" AKA Trump TV) have speculated as to why that is the case. They offer the theory that Trump has ignored the conclusion of all our intelligence agencies because he feels that acknowledging it will delegitimize his victory. I have another theory, and it's one I've never heard advanced by our cowardly mainstream media. Let's ignore the issues of possible collusion (there was at least attempted collusion) or whether or not the interference by Russia gave Trump his victory (it did of course). Let's focus on why, for the first time in America's history, a president has refused to respond to an attack on the United States by a foreign adversary. The answer is quite simple ... it helps Trump as Russia is clearly on the side of Trump and the GOP.

Russian interference will help him in his attempt to keep a Republican Congress in 2018 and to be re-elected in 2020. Perhaps all this will be a moot point since Trump is reportedly considering a preemptive attack on North Korea which China says will cause them to side with North Korea. Perhaps, under a Trump presidency, the best we can hope for is to still be alive to witness our democracy crumble.

Thomas Hanley