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Play it again Sam. Yeah some things never change. Voting GOP into the White House, time and time again, to make the wealthy and ultra-wealthy, wealthier than ever. Why do the not so wealthy do it and vote for them? Haven’t these voters learned from the past that it was the wrong decision? Eight years of G.D.B’s reckless presidency wasn’t enough?

Americans just don’t seem to have on their thinking caps. They certainly aren’t on when it comes to pleasing God. Loving God and praising God while ignoring your fellow man is not very pleasing to God. “As you have treated your fellow man so have you treated me.” What Jesus said doesn’t seem to sink into the skulls of fellow Christians. That old “Me, myself and I” attitude (mindset) is quite prevalent in society. As if that mindset isn’t bad enough there’s another one just as bad if not worse. It’s that mindset that somehow set in of doing bad. There’s vandalism and plenty of it. I’ve been the victim numerous times so I should know more than anyone that it exists. Local law enforcement pretty much has the attitude that it’s no big deal. It most certainly would be if it happened to them. Then there’s Syracuse and the daily drive-by shootings where you never hear about the evil culprits getting caught. Then there’s Philadelphia decades after they trashed their city when their baseball team won the World series did the same thing after their football team won the Super Bowl. They looted, trashed and burned. This lust for being stupid and doing evil seems totally out of control in the god ole U.S.A.

Up till now it’s never changed and most likely never will. No one seems to care to get their head on straight and do positive things, not negative. Without question not a very good upbringing is the culprit. If one can’t learn right from wrong at an early age it will carry right on through life. Not too many role models here, there or anywhere. Seems like, quite frankly, nobody feels obligated. This “I can do whatever I want to” attitude needs to be addressed for what it really is. If one is not doing the purpose of one’s creation (interacting on behalf of his fellow man for the good of his fellow man) is distancing the stance between one’s Creator.

Murray Lynch