Letter: Smart people are taking COVID-19 seriously

Letter: Smart people are taking COVID-19 seriously


Dear friends:

I am a part time resident. I hail from Northern Virginia, aka, NOVA.

Down there, people ignored the virus. NOVA had no virus issues until, ooops, it did. Suddenly thousands infected, hundreds dead, within a week. Like NY, VA was in lockdown. Unlike Central NY, people didn't take the virus seriously.

So. Keep on doing what you do. I see that people at the Wegman's stay 6 feet apart and wear masks. I see that and go, "thumbs up." I go jogging near my house, I give pedestrians wide berth, and we thank each other for being mutually respectful. Because of your actions, I feel safe here and I hope my actions make you feel OK. It is mutual.

This horrible virus is everywhere — in Auburn, in NYC, in Virginia, everywhere Only mutual kindness can keep it from spreading. From what I see, primarily as an outsider, Auburn is doing this right. Please don't let up. You can beat this.

Be well.

Ernie Hazera



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