Letter: Some just can't move past 2016 election

Letter: Some just can't move past 2016 election


Isn't it incredible that the malignant, malicious "ranters" will never accept the fact that their tall, slender, lovely, loving, honorably, kindly and saintly Mrs. B. J. Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race?

These hate-driven and sad "lollies," muttering and cursing, hunker over their keyboards seething with the burning need to vomit forth their rage at people who possess conservative values. They will never recover from the fact that the rational, reasonable, working-class voters preferred to elect a person who is not afraid to fight for our country. After a while, their toxic words lose the intended impact due to incessant blatant rage and hatred that they excrete into our society. They soon become a cliche, known primarily for their bitterness.

Sadly, for them, their persistent and violent emotions will negatively affect their health and well-being. Trapped under such festering rage, the body will deteriorate from within. Can you imagine what it must be like to have to listen to and live with a person so riddled with negativity? Life is too precious to be at the mercy of a chronic hater. It can be likened to someone who drinks acid and expects the other person to suffer and die from it.

Presently, people are stressed and anxious. We do not need these raging little "cookies" to further alienate and divide our society.

Joan D. Sigona



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