This letter is to clarify the town of Mentz decision not to participate in the re-watering of the Erie Canal. In 2016-2017, the town of Mentz along with the town of Brutus and the village of Port Byron through a municipal agreement agreed to enter a contract to hire an outside consultant to search for grant money to re-water the Erie Canal. The three municipalities were granted a total of $488,000 for engineering, design and planning with the stipulation that each municipality contribute $47,000 each over a three-year period.

Upon further research, the town of Mentz realized that the section of the Erie Canal that lies within the town of Mentz is not owned by the town but by New York State Canal Corp. With this information the town board’s decision was to NOT participate in the re-watering of the Erie Canal. Spending taxpayer’s money on property the town does not own is not in our best interest.

The town of Mentz is in favor of the New York state Canal Corp. to re-water the Erie Canal to attract tourism to the area. Bringing in additional revenue to the area is a win-win for the town of Mentz, Cayuga County and New York state.

Mark D. Emerson


Emerson is a member of the Mentz Town Council.

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