"Mama, there goes that Man (On The Street). Yes, he's back (isn't he always?) once again asking people questions. Here he is."

Man On The Street: Excuse me, ma'am, would you care to comment on this topic: What new in early school curriculum should be taught?"

Ma'am: "Good one. Let me think. Ah, yes, I'd have to say No. 1, everyone should be brought up with a good religious teaching. After all, what is more important than knowing everything about God and what he expects from us throughout life? A religious ed class is needed. Good morals, ethics and scruples should fall into place for most with a good religious background. Having gone to parochial school for eight years, I was well schooled about God and doing what was expected of me. I also think a course on logic wouldn't hurt. On second thought, that shouldn't be necessary because at least one full year of any every day accredited religion class should do the trick. You see every sensible decision made in life should be the result of a truly well balanced religious study."

Ma On The Street: "Thank you, ma'am. Thank you very much for a very good insight into what's needed to be implemented in all school systems. Let's move on to this gentleman here. Excuse me, sir. would you care to comment on what new subject should be taught to young students in first to eighth grades"

Gentleman: "I would say a well taught subject of 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' I would also say a well taught subject at a very early age about drug use. If taught at an early age about how harmful they are, how addictive they are, and how they can destroy a person's life, most certainly it would be beneficial to all."

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Man On The Street: "Thank you, sir, for a very good insight. Oh, ma'am, we're taking comments on the topic: What new subjects should be implemented in to schools' curriculum that would be helpful to a child to carry over into adulthood."

Ma'am: "Say that again. No, I'm just kidding. I understand where you're coming from because there's a lot I wish I learned at an earlier age. Sometimes late in life, it's too late to rectify matters. The subject I wish I was taught is logic."

Man On The Street: "We're out of time. Thank you for your input. Remember, folks, life isn't quite right, so let's try and make it better."

Murray Lynch


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