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Letter: Teamwork in a world of malice

Letter: Teamwork in a world of malice


Wars are fought and won synergistically by a compounded submergence of focus that’s rooted in population diversity. Team effort is and will continue to be the common denominator for winning! Together, we are steadfast in standing toe-to-toe with COVID-19, but are overshadowed by a substantial percentage of people around the world who seem to care less. Not distancing or wearing masks and gloves or protesting against the grain with nonsense, ultimately compromises the health and safety of everyone. These actions show no congruence to teamwork and undermines wholehearted efforts of millions of healthcare workers and frontline business employees who are sacrificing their lives daily with a purpose for the betterment!

The preemptive doubt or questionable pursuit by political officials to ajar the gateways of COVID’s wrath by reopening the economy should have sufficed. The precious gift of life should always epitomize a leader’s decision-making while cautioning the imminence of probable acceptable death counts. Pressure from constituents and public rallies should not be the persuasive driver, but in the midst of an election year, even politicians are vulnerable in their stature. Many Americans died in a 48 hour period as COVID blew its nostrils through the first economical door opening! Where does the responsibility lie? Is it a default of poor premature governmental decision making or the actions of an hyperactive social frenzy that disregarded this monster virus?

The effervescent beauty of surviving in the land-of-the-free has always been grounded in an unspoken guide to an ambiance of TeamPeople! Clearly, the current monologues of social voice and marquee displays of discourse sheds a true picture of imperfect harmony. Moving forward, the inspiration for us is the trust and obedience factor towards social distancing becoming our stronghold, that will sound a trumpet for a call-to-arms against COVID, shouting; together we win, but divided we fail!

Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Seneca Falls


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