Letter: The swamp in DC is getting murkier

Letter: The swamp in DC is getting murkier

During the campaign Trump talked a lot about the “Swamp.” You have to admit he’s done a great job with that. It’s significantly deeper, murkier and dirtier then before he was president.

Another favorite subject of his is “Fake News.” He’s got that one nailed too; according the the Washington Post he’s lied more than “12,000” times in the last three years. He tweets constantly spreading conspiracy theories and lies with many of the talking heads at Fox happy to pass them along. In between the spin, half truths and bold face lies he still finds time to insult, denigrate and name call friend and foe alike.

He’s warned us also of what he calls Deep State, a shadow government that is a threat to us all. He may be on Twitter non-stop but he’s had time for secret conversations with Putin, has had subordinates visiting heads of state off the record and of making the phone calls that were suppose to disappear into a secure secret server. All of the above mentioned aided by a stellar cadre of boot lickers, crooked lawyers, a lap dog chief of staff, attorney general and secretary of state and unqualified ambassadors.

His foreign policy is quite unique as well; he kisses up to despots and dictators while insulting and alienating allies and friends. His “coup de grace” has to be abandoning the Kurds. He just let the Syrians and Russians walk in as our troops in the area watch people who fought shoulder to shoulder with us against Isis get pulverized.

Let us not forget the crisis at the border. Obama was called “The Deporter in Chief” but at no time did he ever separate children from their parents. Neither did he incarcerate men, women and children in wire cages while denying them legal recourse under the law available to all refugees who present themselves at our boarders.

If Trump were a Democrat the GOP in general and Mitch McConnell in particular would have impeached him in his first 60 days in the White House. Unfortunately McConnell and his GOP are only concerned about maintaining every political advantage possible over the Democrats.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot “Moscow Mitch” is currently in bed with a Russian oligarch. Every red blooded Trump supporter should break away from Fox News long enough to google the sweet heart deal McConnell worked out with Oleg Deripaska.

Ernie DeCaro



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