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I'm writing about the recent news that Donald Trump has finally admitted what we already knew, namely that his son Donald Jr. arranged to meet with representatives of the Russian government to provide illegally obtained information about Hillary Clinton.

Given the fact that Trump’s version of the story has gone from, the meeting didn’t happen, to the meeting happened but it was about adoptions, to the meeting was about “Clinton dirt” but nothing came of it, to the meeting happened but everybody else does it all the time and Trump S. didn’t know about, all that remains to confirm is, the meeting happened, Trump Sr. knew about it beforehand and Trump Sr. approved it.

Which we have every reason to believe because he publicly alluded to it even before the meeting took place.

Remember that a conspiracy doesn’t have to succeed to be a conspiracy. All that’s required is that the parties involved plan to do something illegal and then take some concrete steps in the furtherance of the plan, like take a meeting.

But all the niceties about conspiracy aside, the idea that a candidate for president of the United States, namely Donald Trump or his close associates, namely Donald Jr., his son, Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, and Paul Manafort, his campaign manager, would meet with representatives of a hostile foreign power who has some 3,000 nuclear weapons pointed at our throats and it not be “treason” is simply preposterous.

It was “treason,” plain and simple. There simply “ain’t no pussyfootin' about it.”

The question is, will the Republican representatives and senators in Congress see it for what it is, “treason,” and do anything about it?

I never thought I’d see the day when a bona fide “traitor” occupied the White House and the party in power, the Republicans, won’t do anything about it.

Richard Glenister