"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." No, not the movie, real life in 2017.

There’s some good in society but not much. There are not enough outgoing people who give out good vibes with their pleasant, energetic presence. Too many in society are too laid back (quiet, unfriendly). Church is good but not enough attend. Those who volunteer for good causes (food pantries, Salvation Army, church doings etc.) are good people. People who are understanding are good people. People who are generous giving to those in need are good people.

Now onto the Bad. There’s way too much bad going on. There are those with bad attitudes and then there is the big bad with substance abuse. What in the world is going on with that drug craze? All the things one can do in life and they choose dangerous and expensive drug addiction. It makes no sense. Neither do bad drivers who quite frankly are an accident waiting to happen. Tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, not being careful of people at crosswalks, big bads. Absolutely disgusting, and disgraceful.

Bad decision-making. Voting for S.O.B. candidates who have proved time and again they’re all about doing bad, not good. Did all those who voted for Trump really believe that he'd be any better than G.W.B.? Haven’t they learned anything after decades of trickle-down economics that they don’t work? Yes, they’ll probably vote for him again just like they did two times in a row for Bush. People, you can’t get any good out of electing bad choices. Quite frankly, you’re cutting your own throats economically and financially. Will your bad election choices ever stop?

Let’s move on to the Ugly. There are plenty of people who want to spend their entire duration on planet Earth doing evil. They can’t find anything better to do because quite frankly they can’t stand on their own two feet to man up to life. Quite frankly, those who do evil are cowards and do their evil in the dark. Vandals, gangs, gang-bangers, killers, drive-by shooters and burglars can’t seem to satisfy their craving for perpetuating evil. All cowards mostly doing their evil in the dark of night. Absolutely disgusting poor excuses of human beings. But what goes around comes around and when all is said and done they’ll end up not only having to answer to the law but also their Creator.

Murray Lynch​


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