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Letter: Too many are still unvaccinated

People, I know we’re all tired of the coronavirus but the coronavirus isn’t tired of us. That’s the thing about the coronavirus, it never gets tired. It will continue to infect, replicate and re-infect with every opportunity it’s presented. Not because it’s alive in any customary sense but simply because it’s an RNA molecule with certain biochemical capacities. It never gets tired and it never misses the chance if you provide it with one.

And now, there is Delta, the new and improved coronavirus. In just two months’ time, it’s gone from zero to over 83% of current cases. Somebody else can work out the math but that 83% in just two months tells you that Delta is very significantly more efficient at infecting, replicating and re-infecting than previous variants. Mitigation measures, masks, distance, etc. that were modestly effective before will be significantly less effective now if they’re even used.

Information taken from the New York state COVID-19 dashboard indicates that of the 77,147 residents of Cayuga County, only some 36,877 have been fully vaccinated. Simple math indicates there are 65,533 residents 18 years old or older, leaving 28,656 adults are still unvaccinated as well as some 11,614 children.

Simply put 40,000 people (52%) are still very susceptible to infection. Clearly, the virus has a lot of room to run in Cayuga County. And while Delta runs rampant in states like Missouri AND Florida, it’s not here yet. It takes about two weeks following vaccination to establish some level of protection, a month AND a half for maximum protection. If the remaining unvaccinated adults and eligible children got vaccinated now it could make a difference.

There is still a little time. For God’s sake, people, get vaccinated. Put aside your politics, or your hesitancy, or your habitual procrastination, and just get vaccinated. Save yourself the inconvenience and the suffering of getting sick. Who knows, you might even save somebody’s life.

Richard Glenister



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