I voted for Donald Trump and plan on voting for him in 2020. First let's be honest and look at the alternative we had! Donald Trump is not a schmoozing politician and has never pretended to be — what you see is what you get. He stood up and took the mantle of president because he could see the path our country was headed. There is NO doubt that he has a great love and confidence in this great country.

We have a Declaration of Independence that this great country was founded on and was printed in our Citizen on July 4. How many of you read it? I did and I am proud to be an American and what this country stands for.

President Obama had eight years to ease any tensions or racism that existed in this country, and he didn't do anything to help that situation. He only made things worse by telling us how bad this country was and how white supremacy still reigned within our nation. We have been pushed around by China and European countries that just want to drain us dry and enough is enough.

Under President Trump's command, our country has two wonderful Supreme Court judges, our economy is in the best shape it has been in years with ALL races having ample opportunity to be whatever they want to be in this great land of ours IF you are willing to work for it. Young people, you don't get a new, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in your first year on the job nor are you entitled to get your education paid off by my tax dollars or “free” insurance for ALL.

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The adults that are in Congress and the Senate have certainly not been good examples of “how to get along and create unity" even when we do not agree. Our border lines are in such a terrible state that “my” opinion is that we should just close the borders for a while.

I'm NOT looking for someone who floats along with whatever is popular at any given time blowing in the wind. What am I looking for in a leader of this great country? Someone authoritative, dauntless, a dealmaker, prudent with resources and who puts our great country FIRST, resilient, an independent thinker, has financial understanding and is a dreamer of what my country can do and be: BINGO that is Donald J. Trump.

Suzanne Searing


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