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In a recent letter, R.L. Searles indicated things she would like changed and I agree with every item listed. For one, I wish, as Ms. Searles does, that we lived in a rational world in which the person with the most votes, as with all other democracies in the world, wins the presidency. Yes, I understand how the Electoral College was supposed to work ... those who support it don't. They don't recognize that it is an outdated method that was possibly once suited to our nation but now, in fact, makes our presidential elections consist of an election among four of five states disenfranchising all others. One in which all those who voted for Trump in New York state had their votes thrown in the garbage just as Hillary voters had theirs tossed onto the garbage heap in red states. One in which, a foreign power can tilt the election its way by targeting just a few states. Did our founders envision that possibility? In fact they did as it's the final and only remaining justification for the Electoral College.

Unfortunately the Trump electors failed us when they ignored the fact that Mr. Trump aligned with Russia by refuting our own intelligence agencies' findings. They were not bound to vote for Trump. Sorry, Ms. Searles, but due to the very process needed to remove it, the Electoral College will remain. And yes, had Hillary won through the Electoral College I would feel the same way. But speaking of potential hypocrisy, how would candidate Obama have fared had he ridiculed American POWs, bragged about molesting women, run a fake university, lied pathologically, and run a scam of a business for all of his adult life? That's the short list. So much for the lie that the Republican Party (with its alleged religious base) is the party of values. The GOP is keeping the world safe for hypocrisy.

There is, however, hope. I firmly believe that Mr. Trump will be impeached and removed from office. There is a storm coming like Mr. Trump has never experienced and that storm will be so severe that even the gutless GOP senators will not ignore it. You see, I have complete faith in Mueller, and that wannabe dictator Trump is not only a truly ignorant and mentally unbalanced man but is also rotten to the very core of his black heart.

Thomas Hanley


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