What has been so puzzling the past two years is why so many have become followers of President Trump? But I think I've FINALLY figured it out and I'm reminded of the parable The Pied Piper of Hamelin!

To begin with, it's no secret the man is an adulterer. He's also a married man and apparently his very beautiful wife is solely for show purposes ... someone to have on his arm for the express purpose of proving she is also his slave. (There's no other explanation for what he thinks of her ... she is his slave! And this is proof as to what money can also buy!)

And, there's also the fact that he's proving what has been said since time immortal that “money can buy (most) politicians!” (Obvious is the fact that most members of his Republican Party have already been bought because they don't stand up against what he is doing that is incorrect! But to be fair ... there are many Democrats that have also been bought.) And in about two years there will be the obvious proof that “enough money can buy his re-election!”

Since what I've stated thus far is fact and not "fake news," it's time to get to the point of my letter!

Most of us are aware that there are men who have no problem cheating on their wives, etc. and they're certainly not about to change their behavior. But they're not alone; there are also women who are willing to participate in similar behavior, etc.

Although I'm convinced some of Trump's followers can't even spell IQ, it's a significant number of them who fall into the category described in the previous paragraph that make up a lion's share of his followers. And then there's those who are blind to the truth! They're the folks who fall victim to hearing lies repeated enough times to believe it is the truth. There's just no other way to explain the types of people who are in his base.

It's also obvious and truly sad that America has dirtied her politics with corrupt money! What we're witnessing today is proof of it. And, it'll take more than prayer to change the downward path we're on. It'll take some waking up on the part of many to save the direction this country is going! (GOD won't do it for us ... it's not HIS job!)

Joyce Smith-Moore


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