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We now live in the "Bizarro World" of Donald Trump ... one in which everything is backwards, a world which seems like a nightmare to all rational people. The man who claimed to be a populist and said he would "Make America Great Again!" is in the process of destroying everything that has been great about America.

To begin with he has undermined our alliances with our allies and embraced dictators. His buffoonery would have simply made America the laughingstock of the world if our enemies were not so emboldened by his actions and our friends so totally scared. Mr. Trump has totally ignored Russia's attack on America through its interference in our last presidential election. There is NO doubt it changed the outcome in his favor which is why he has not spoken a harsh word against Putin and not taken steps to keep it from happening again. Trump has aligned himself with Russia against our own American intelligence agencies yet his followers, including sycophant Sean Hannity, still claim to be patriots.

Mr. Trump, the alleged man of the people, has shown by every action he has taken to be only for the interests of big business and the wealthy. He has refused to divest himself of his business interests and every action he has taken has placed the rich ahead of the common man including but not limited to his tax plan that is a massive giveaway to the rich as well as his dubious legal maneuver of placing a man who does not believe in the Consumer Financial Protection Agency as its head.

The latter is in keeping with his actions of appointing one agency head after another who does not believe in the mission of their agencies, from the head of the EPA who doesn't believe in global climate change to the head of the Department of Education who never set foot in a public school and does not believe in public education.

Trump, the most unqualified and corrupt man to ever hold the presidency, seems determined to surround himself with the most unqualified and corrupt people he can find as he continues to attack all that has been great about America.

To make things even worse he provides zero moral leadership. His faith-based "value voters" have abandoned all values as many voted for him and continue to support a man who bragged about his molestation of women.

Thomas Hanley


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