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It is great to see people who voted for the Liar In Chief, Trump, justify their support for this guy. Republicans are doing their job of supporting Trump and giving this money-grubber ever more money in the "tax reform." The millionaires of the U.S.A. don't have enough money, so it is great that they will soon have ever more money while taking money from Social Security and Medicare and health care.

Greed and avarice are great to see, especially around Christmastime, as Trump is pushing for his windfall of cash with the taxes he will no longer pay. Eighty percent of the cuts in taxes will go to giant corporations and the super rich. Of course we don't really know just how much Trump will benefit himself, as he lied about releasing his own tax returns even after the election, unlike the presidential candidates of the past 30 years, who released their own tax returns before the election for President.

One quality you must give to Trump — Trump is no phony. He was well known to be a con man well before the election, so his promising the opposite of what he is now delivering is a joy to watch. See con man Trump at work and see the many supporters who voted for him justify their being screwed by Trump and the congressional supporters of Trump.

David Kauber


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