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Most folks will agree that words spoken by politicians can't always be believed and since "pictures are worth a thousand words" then perhaps it's time that we pay more attention to what we're actually hearing politicians say when speaking live at rallies or on TV.

For nearly a decade we've heard President Trump espouse/brag about Putin's views, praising him at political rallies and on television. On Dec. 17, 2015, we even heard him say on ABC that “it is a great honor to get compliments from a highly respected person.”

Putin is likewise praising Trump! In a Dec. 14, 2017, press conference on Russian TV he said, “Because of Donald Trump, we have seen how the stock markets have grown; it attests to the trust investors are showing in the economy and trust in what Trump is doing.” And, in July 2011, Putin also confirmed that he believed “Trump's policies would be more favorable to the Kremlin.” (Go to to read Putin's entire talk.)

After then Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dropped Vladimir Putin’s name more than 20 times in the Oct. 4, 2016 vice-presidential debate on NBC, Sen. Tim Kaine responded to his running mate, “You and your running mate Donald Trump share an unseemly admiration for the Russian president. You guys must really love Russia!”

On March 21, 2017, President Trump said that “Putin is doing a great job rebuilding Russia” and “he is also highly respected within in his own country and beyond.”

That is not so! Massive protests broke out throughout Russia in 2011. The Russian people were responding to allegations of vote rigging and election fraud in their parliamentary elections. Thousands took to the streets to protest Putin and his political party, in one of Russia's largest protests since the fall of the U.S.S.R. on Christmas day, 1991 and it is still going on in Russia. Therefore, what Trump is saying is a contradiction ... and one more lie!

Unfortunate also is that Russia has and will continue using cyber crimes to influence American elections and Trump knows it. He also knows that it will also get him re-elected.

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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