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Letter: Trump making bad situation even worse

Letter: Trump making bad situation even worse


Did you see the debate? I don't mean the Biden/Sanders debate ... I'm talking about the continuing debate between Mr. Trump and his cadre of his health care experts. Trump originally said the coronavirus will be over by the end of April while his on-stage experts stated the opposite. Trump said test kits were available to all while health care experts on the same stage said they were not. In a major tele-promptered speech designed to reassure the public, Trump seemed nervous and afraid while providing incorrect information on three major points. Contrary to Trump, all flights from Europe were NOT halted, trade with Europe was NOT stopped, and insurance companies have NOT agreed to cover treatment for the virus. Even our local conservative talk radio host, Bob Lonsberry, recently provided disinformation stating that Governor Cuomo said that 50% of all state government workers would be laid off. In fact they would NOT be laid off as they could work from home.

Facts matter and valid criticisms are not "poltical attacks." People who believe they are should move to Russia or China where such free speech is not allowed. With that in mind, Trump did not cause this crises but he's managing it badly. To be sure, Mr. Trump's actions before and after this crisis started have certainly exacerbated it. There is no need for his bluster and self-congratulatory political posturing at the beginning of every press conference on this subject. The best thing Mr. Trump (and those who also know little about this issue) can do now is simply to leave it to the experts and stop talking!

Thomas Hanley



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