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We deserve to know the truth about Russia’s role in electing Donald Trump. However, Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating the 2016 election, has been under constant threat since his appointment in May 2017.

If Mueller is fired, it would destroy the democratic ideals that are necessary to preventing tyranny — transparency and accountability. Our presidents must always be held to the highest standards, so they must be subject to fair and independent review. Another Saturday Night Massacre, with firings calculated to halt Mueller’s investigation, would signal the American people that the presidency needs far stronger oversight.

This investigation must continue. Our elected officials must support Mueller against President Trump’s threats. Americans need to know that our lawmakers support shedding light on what happened in 2016 and upholding democratic principles. House and Senate bills have been introduced but they sit in committee. Please urge support for these bills: HR 3771 and S1741.

And if Mueller is fired, pledge to join people in Auburn and more than 200,000 others who have signed up to attend events in more than 700 locations nationwide. Demand an accountable government at

Melissa Jenkin