Our nation is in big trouble ... the most trouble we've faced since World War II when our very existence was threatened. Now, the very principles our nation was founded upon are threatened again. This time it's threatened by the man who occupies the White House, Donald J. Trump. He is a bigger threat to our nation than global warming or any foreign adversary. Through a perfect storm he managed to become our alleged president.

He accomplished this because there was a third party candidate, a 20-year campaign against Hillary, Russia rigging the election, and Comey stating, 10 days before the election, that Hillary was under investigation again. As with every partisan investigation of Hillary it came to naught. Trump was "elected" by being able to swing four states with a slim majority. He got close enough (with 2.8 million fewer votes than Hillary) to win due to our insane and outdated Electoral College system. You wouldn't get away with running an election for high school senior class president that way yet that's how we elected the two dumbest and most incompetent presidents in U.S. history, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Add corrupt to my depiction of Trump. If any of the four factors I just stated and were not present we would have a competent and intelligent president by the name of Hillary Clinton. Be that as it may the one factor above that was ILLEGAL was Russia's interference with our election. That Russia interfered is indisputable and any rational person might conclude that the 70,000 vote difference among four states made the difference. What has Trump done about that? Nothing. He has refused to make it a national issue despite the agreement among ALL our intelligence agencies that we need to address this situation. Of course ... those are the same intelligence agencies Comrade Trump has derided as he sides with his is buddy Vladimir Putin.

So now we have a Manchurian president who has diminished NATO, attacked our own federal law enforcement agencies and has created one problem after another which he has proven to be unable to address. The Trump "presidency" is a nightmare and truly patriotic Americans and our allies are frightened about what our nation has become. That might be mitigated if the Republicans in the Senate or his witless supporters found a backbone and stood up to Trump by finally placing their country over their party.

Thomas Hanley


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