Letter: Trump props up hate groups

Letter: Trump props up hate groups


On Saturday, Aug. 17, in Portland, Oregon, neo-Nazis and other hate groups marched down the streets of Portland with riot gear on, some were armed and people were waving flags and posters saying "take back America" and Trump's name directly over same.

Meantime, Antifa arrived, (the definition of Antifa is "against-fascist")  and were countering the neo-Nazis and other hate groups. Several were injured in the clashes and incurred minor injuries, but nothing serious. Donald Trump tweeted his non-sense and the mayor of Portland replied "your comments are not helpful!"

It was reported that Donald Trump, our "hater in chief," stated that Antifa needs to be careful or he would place them on the terror list, but fails to even comment about the neo-Nazis and other hate groups that appear to be terrorizing America by evidence of Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas, and now Portland.

Either Donald Trump failed second grade or America is totally oblivious to the behavior of neo-Nazis, KKK and other hate groups that perpetrate destruction of African American churches and murder of innocent civilians by these radical organizations vs. Antifa, which is against those hateful organizations and their violent methods displayed around the country? Donald Trump should place any and all hate groups and militias on the terror list and stop his moronic non-sense and stop spewing more of his disgusting rhetoric at his so called "campaign rallies," as all he does is insult people, calling Democrats socialist when the true socialist is Donald Trump, who has aligned himself with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (all socialist, communist and dictators).

We ask that you write our Rep. John Katko (the congressman who votes with his party 95% of the time) and tell him to tell our moron in chief to knock off the vile rhetoric, go seek out a psychologist (and make sure he sees him), as all Donald Trump displays is anti-social behavior!

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo



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