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With scary Halloween in mind, here comes one scare that is real, very real and not hidden: Donald Trump with his finger on the Bomb.

The Bomb, the Bomb, the Atom Bomb. ... Try to impeach Trump, and Trump can set-off The Bomb with these words in mind: "Try to take this office away from the Great Trump and I will teach you a thing or two."

Chief liar, Liar in Chief Trump, is noted for distracting people by using lies and outrageous words and behavior. Following his general behavior that we have seen, it would be completely normal for Trump to set off a few nukes in order to distract us all and to get things moving away from focusing on Trump. "Take that," says el Presidento Trump.

The Bomb, the Bomb, the Atom Bomb is close at hand for Trump. As Trump has said: "What's the sense of having nuclear bombs if you don't use them?" Trump would go down in history in putting The Bomb to use, if there is any history left to tell.

David Kauber


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