I certainly try to “stay in the now,” as there is no promise of tomorrow. However, planning for the future is essential for so many reasons. But and this is a enormously big BUT, I cannot help being concerned about the end of Trump’s presidency, whether it be in the very near future (today would be good) or after a second term (that would be disastrous).

As he develops his bro-mance with those who are not in our favor as a nation, my concern is that he may be setting himself and his family’s legacy. That legacy is Trump and his offspring will be the obstacles of future presidents, ambassadors, secretaries of state of our nation. As well, he could jeopardize our relationships with our strongest allies.

As his administration does everything possible to block former White House employees and advisors to testify before various committees, I believe those “secrets“ of this administration are going to be Trump’s biggest betrayal and treasonous actions.

As his companies and lawyers have drawn up nondisclosure agreements for anyone who says "hello" in the past, present and future, Trump will not keep U.S government top secrets secret. He and his staunchest supporters will continue to undermine our great democracy. They will align with the dictators who have no value for human life, only selfish prosperity and recognition. Trump will be the broken dam that’s spills everything and I mean everything about our functions as one of the greatest nations. He can’t control his impulses but he can tactically plan for self-serving ideas.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch McConnell, Steven Mnunchin, Bill Barr, Elaine Chou, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Sanders, Lyndsey Graham and even the convicted group — especially Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn — all get together and reprise their roles to deceive this country and our allies to aid and abet our adversaries. This would make global “doomsday”a reality. I am sure a movie has already been done.

So, now I will bring myself back to the moment and pray for our nation, our people, all those families seeking for a better life in our country, even if they are doing it illegally. And I also pray for forgiveness from the Native Americans. Actually, we all need to pray for everyone, including our enemies.

R.L. Searles


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