I am not quite sure how U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s attempt to launch a probe into bias allegations of former FBI Deputy Director McCabe and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein should surprise me. There is bias everywhere by everyone, me included. But, what is really “bias”?

Well, the definition according to Oxford American Desk and Thesaurus 2010, is a noun: "a feeling for or against a person or thing that is based on prejudice rather than reason." Some of the synonyms are: partiality, one-sidedness, discrimination, tendency and inclination.

Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition of 1951, describes bias as in the first definition, a noun meaning "a slanting or diagonal line, cut or sewn on cloth."

Now here we have two nouns that have flipped/flopped in a period of 59 years. Could the next definition be “ bias (n) - an action of a president taking the word and promises of his/ her country’s adversaries over the actual, indisputable facts of his/her own government officials.“ Or shorter version “bias (n) - sleeping with or indebted to his/her own country’s enemy." How about this one? “Bias (n) - one who covets enemies of his/her own country and goes to any lengths to achieve such goal.” Sounds like that may make into Webster or The Oxford before "covfefe"!

To all of the White House administration, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Sara Sanders and all of those working for a “BIASED“ Trump, especially Lindsey Graham who at one point seemed to be showing a better inclination to resist Trump’s rhetoric, insults, lies, embellishments and downplaying of what is real, like actual intelligence reports: why are you such enablers?

Why do people think Trump’s tweets, rallying for his run in 2020 at inappropriate events, bullying, derogatory comments toward just about anyone who shows some defiance toward Trump’s actions are not to be taken seriously. After all, he has become the face of EVIL and INSTABLITY of OUR country towards the rest of the WORLD.

Maybe for those of you, first impressions and second chance to right a bad impression isn’t in your morals anymore.

Trump drained the swamp because he could make it bigger, more beautiful or should you choose, enticing. Simply put, Trump is a double-talking venomous snake from the Garden of Animadversions.

R.L. Searles


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