Mark Twain has been credited with saying: "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Well Mr. Trump has now tried to do something about it and I'm not referring to his previous idea of nuking hurricanes. We now know that it was Trump who used a black Sharpie to mark up an official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map in order to make it conform to the error he made when he said that Alabama was in the path of hurricane Dorian. This may seem like a minor issue but it's emblematic of Mr. Trump's many shortcomings and it should reveal to even his most ardent supporters everything they need to know about Donald Trump.

First of all, Trump believes that it shows weakness to ever admit a mistake. Most people realize that it actually shows courage and humility to apologize for a mistake. Would it have been so hard to simply say: "I misspoke"? Mr. Trump is already well-known for lacking integrity but this was literally on display when the altered map was shown by him on TV. This may seem like much ado about nothing but it's a federal crime to engage in such an act. No worry for Trump as Republican leaders and Trump's followers have already given him more free passes than Walt Disney's children ever received for Disneyland. Also, what does that say about Trump's level of intelligence? Did he really believe that a dark black line extending into Alabama from the original white line would not be noticed? In addition, most 9-year olds know that lying about a misdeed makes thing worse yet Trump lied when he denied knowing who drew that line. In addition to that, Trump will not let go of this issue and, strangely enough, it's Trump obsessiveness that's keeping this in the news.

The fact that this man, who lacks humility, honesty and intelligence, is president should scare each and every one of us but there is a bigger issue to consider. When people heard of Trump altering the map I believe most thought to themselves, "Is this man nuts?" Sorry for the political incorrectness but yes, he's as nutty as a fruitcake. If Mr. Trump is NOT removed from office through the Congressional action of impeachment for obstruction of justice or the mental incapacity clause of the 25th Amendment, we might as well eliminate both from our Constitution.

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Thomas Hanley


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